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Fight your friends to win the hand and heart of the Picky Picky Princess! Gather gifts, call the princess down from her tower, take her on dates, and punch your friends in hectic multiplayer bouts. Local 4-player competitive gameplay - controllers required for all players except Player 1, who can also use keyboard. No friends? No problem! Play against the fiendish computer AI.


Basic Actions:

  • Pick up and drop gifts by pressing the action button while near them with empty hands.
  • Give the princess gifts by pressing the action button while next to her and holding a gift.
  • You can pick up and drop the princess by pressing the action button while near her with empty hands.
  • You can punch other players by pressing the action button while near them with empty hands.

Earn favor (points) with the princess by impressing her with the following actions:

  • Be the first to the princesses' castle with a gift in hand to earn special favor (Use the action button when at the castle while holding a gift).
  • Gain favor by giving her gifts throughout the match. Keep an eye out for special gifts!
  • Gain a large amount of favor by dropping the princess at special date locations once they are announced. Date locations are designated by white squares around the play area. Dropping the princess off at any other date location will not award you with favor.


X-Box Controller:

Left Stick: Movement
B Button: Action
Start/Select: Pause Game

Keyboard (Player 1 only):
WASD: Movement
Space: Action
Escape: Pause Game

NOTE: Use mouse to navigate menus. Full Controller menu support will be added in a future release.


  • Each player's relative favor with the princess is shown on the flag on the left side of the screen. Shoot to be the top flag when time runs out!
  • Don't let other player's give the princess gifts! Running away with the princess can be a good tactic.
  • Punch those other good-for-nothing princes and give the gifts they were carrying to the princess to reap the favor for yourself. That will show them.
  • Date decrees pop up regularly. Try to time it so you are in control of the princess when the decree pops up so you can drop her at the date spot and score a huge favor bump.


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Picky Picky Princess (Version 0.4) (Win64) 271 MB
Picky Picky Princess (#ue4jam version) (Win64) 465 MB

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