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Hi, we're Matt & Jen Blair, and we made this game in a weekend for Ludum Dare 44. Take a look!

In Hoard vs. Horde, defend your hoard against waves of enemies - can you make it through the night with your riches intact?

What's this game about?

You are a dragon. For centuries you have pillaged the countryside, gathering gold for your great bed. Gold, that wonderous, precious metal is the lifeblood of all dragons, including you. Now, with your hoard complete, it is time for a nice rest.....at least a year or two of shut-eye ought to do it...

Villagers have decided to make off with your golden hoard while you sleep! You may be asleep, but that doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them! Use your dragon magic to animate the bodies of past meals to fight on your side - drive off those villagers (and add their gold to your hoard as a nice bonus!)

This game is fairly short - you'll probably finish it in about 10 minutes.

How did we do it?

Jen made all the art and handled the creative direction, while Matt handled the game mechanics design and a bunch of plumbing. The art was rough-sketched by hand, then inked and shaded in GIMP by hand using a tablet. We playtested the mechanics at first using actual coins and some miniatures at our work table. From there, everything was coded up in Unreal Engine. Sound design came in near the end - we made all of our sound effects using BeepBox.

We aren't full-time game developers, and we had some challenges getting this game put together. We're parents of two lovely children, but parenting and game development don't always go hand in hand. After working through a birthday party, skinned knees, and a water hose in the house, we managed to squeak past Ludum Dare's submission deadline. We learned a lot from this experience, and hope that you'll share it with us. We'd love to hear your thoughts and critiques of the game, too - they help us grow!

-Matt & Jen Blair, Two Bit Studio


Hoard Vs.Horde (Ludum Dare Version) 108 MB

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